Dr. Kenan GÜLER, born in 1967, has been engaged in customs brokerage and consultancy profession since 1987. Dr. Guler was granted his Assistant Customs Consultant license in 1988 and A Level Customs Consultant license in 1993.

He worked in various companies, that provide customs and logistics services in number of European countries between 1996 and 1999. Mr. Guler established his own company in 1999, and is currently the Chairman of DCS Customs Consultancy Inc., PLH Logistics Services Inc. and Atez Software Technologies Inc. Dr. Guler is also the founding partner of Chain & Chain Technologies Ltd. in London.

Dr. Guler’s recent initiative Blockchain Trade Platform (BTP), the most sophisticated joint project of ATEZ and Chain & Chain, is the first and unique national platform of its domain with its solution model and architecture. BTP is a platform software, which records the digitised trade documents and all events, those took place during cross-border trade, on an immutable distributed blockchain ledger.

Development of BTP is jointly being performed by both ATEZ and Chain & Chain where the latter provides know-how required for establishing Blockchain network and Hyperledger specific information.

Dr. Guler participated in several training programs organised by various international and national institutions, such as World Customs Organization and UK’s Institute of Export. Dr. Guler is also a member of the UK’s Institute of Exporta nd he completed the International Trade Consultancy program provided by the Institute, where he was given the title of CITA (Certified International Trade Advisor).

Dr. Guler holds the Senior Executive Certification of International Goods-Cargo Transportation. He completed his Master’s degree in Istanbul University of Commerce, where he published his paper on “Inward Processing Regime in Turkey and Conformity to the European Union Legislation”. He studied his Ph.D. degree in the same University on “Digitalisation of International Trade and Effect of Industrial Trends: A Research on Industrial 4.0 Revolution”.

In addition to educational and training programs he participated, Dr. Guler also holds training sessions for several public and private institutions and universities on customs procedures, logistics processes and organization of international trade to share his know-how and experiences.

Digital Customs Services Customs Brokerage’s success story on their corporal ethics and anti-corruption program was published on OECD’S 2016 Regional Report as Dr. Guler has spent most of his time to create a high level customs brokerage profession, that relies on knowledge and use of technology only.

Dr. Guler speaks advanced English and he is married with one daughter.