Chain & Chain Tech. Ltd. signed a collaboration agreement with ATEZ Software Technologies Inc., a Turkish technology company, focuses on automated international supply chain solutions for over 15 years. Their ERP solution Siber is being used for more than 10 years now. Siber integrates any ERP through EDI and processes data automatically for customs procedures. The software is capable of parsing manual data through printed documents as well to complete the data set if required. The control points of the software is so advanced that it is impossible to make a mistake in transactions. The integrated modules make it possible the clients to use the software for their import, export, transit, free zone, NCTS, inward processing (IPR), investment incentive management and bonded warehouse operations.

ATEZ has announced the first RPA solution for exports recently and their solution is being used for fully automated export transaction handling. The RPA solution -OGI- is being developed for transit procedures, free zone procedures, bonded warehouse procedures and import procedures as well. Each module is to be announced once completed testing.

ATEZ is also focusing on AI solutions to optimize the International supply chain of each customer. The AI solution aims to identify hiccups and offer solutions for international supply chain optimization.

For more details visit ATEZ Software Tech website..