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What we do…

Chain & Chain Tech. Ltd. is focusing on next generation solutions on cross-border movement of goods inline with World Trade Organisation’s Trade Facilitation Agreement. Digitalisation of international supply chain depends on development of state of the art solutions together with interoperability, standards and legal framework improvements.

Chain & Chain approaches the problem using modern methods with an experienced team on customs and international trade compliance from the industry on both practical and academic level.

Participating in workgroups and events of WTO, WCO and INATBA we follow the recent developments closely to reflect the expected future developments into our solutions to try and secure a pioneering experience as a start up company.

While focusing on Distributed Ledger Technologies, our development group also actively participates in joint projects of other digital solutions to cross-border movement of goods.

Our projects

Facts About International Supply Chain


Documents duplicated by different parties in international supply chains


Contribution of border-enforcement trade barriers to total landed cost of a shipment


Difference in LPI scores between high-income and low-income countries

Blockchain Trade Platform

BTP – Blockchain Trade Platform – is a next-generation blockchain-based solution to problems faced by different actors in international supply chains. We use standardised data models & ERP integrations to prevent data duplication, fraud and misconduct. These data produce authenticated digital documents as early as possible and allow paperless trade. Traders save time and money as well as the benefit of automated customs compliance for their shipments. Customs authorities benefit from automation and audit of their customs regimes. Chain & Chain is helping to build BTP using Hyperledger’s Fabric blockchain implementation.

Blockchain For Supply Chain

Blockchain is a disruptive technology on many fronts and we think it is a game-changer for international trade. Our solution focuses on providing end-to-end visibility for cross-border shipments of goods with digitized documents and automated customs compliance. We use a Public Key Infrastructure for and elliptical curve cryptography to authenticate users and documents. BTP aims to be a global single window on international trade.

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